Supreme Klean 1-Hour Fast Flush Capsules

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How can I pass a drug test? If you need to pass a urine test, and quickly, the Supreme Klean 1-Hour Fast Flush is for you. These capsules will start working only one hour after consumption and will cleanse your body of the toxins deposited by drugs which show up in the urine drug test. Your body will stay clear of these drug metabolites for up to five hours after taking the Fast Flush capsules so you can be sure to pass a urine drug test.

This product is for people less than 170lbs that do NOT have oil based toxins (such as marijuana or xanax) present in their system. The detoxification capsules work by speeding up the urinary cycle of the body temporarily and so flush out all the metabolites in the urine which would otherwise show up on a urine drug test – once you have taken the tablets, be prepared to urinate more frequently than normal. After the effects of the Supreme Klean 1-Hour Fast Flush capsules have worn off drug metabolites will once again be detectable in your urine. It is always recommended that you purchase a drug test with this product to test yourself prior to undergoing your urine drug test.
— Quickly Flush Alcohol From Urine



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