How do you pass a drug test?

How to pass a Drug Test For Marijuana
How long does marijuana stay in your system?
Types of drug testing available
Urine Drug Test
Hair Drug Test
Oral Swab Drug Test
Blood Drug Test
Detox Drinks for Urine Drug test
Synthetic Urine

How to pass a drug test here are some things that you could start doing to help the process along would include drinking water and lots of it to flush the toxins out of your system.

Drinking lots of water allows your system to flush out any unwanted toxins that are floating around in your body. You have to cleanse your system on a continuous basis in order to pass your drug test. Although you cannot trust what the other cleansers on the market can do to flush your system of these unwanted toxins.

Research states that the chances of beating a drug test are few because of the internet lab technicians know what to look for when someone tries to beat a drug test. It is not feasible to beat a drug test although some people do manage to manipulate the system by using someone else’s urine, hair, or saliva.

Many of the remedies out there to pass a drug test have proven to be a myth. Even drinking too much water can result in a positive result when you take a drug test.

Passing a drug test can cause anxiety, and people to run around frantic trying to find something that will flush out the toxins that they do not want in their system.

Drinking many different things will help in flushing out your system of unwanted toxins before your test. Sometimes tests often sprung on a potential person not giving them enough time to prepare for the test.

However, the many different remedies to help with how you pass a drug test. Throughout the world, a variety of cleansing products on the market that will flush any unwanted toxins out of your system and allow you to pass your drug test. Many people resort to home remedies that say they can help in how you pass a drug test.

Throughout the internet, there is tons of information out there to help people on how to pass a drug test. It is at their discretion on which one they would like to use to detoxify themselves of the unwanted drugs in their system. Although some home, remedies cannot and will not work for passing a drug test.

Passing a drug test requires you to make changes in your life to make sure that you do pass your drug test. Of course, throughout the world the cleansing products are out there with doing some research to make sure that you are getting the right one for your needs.

It is up to you on how you pass a drug test. Talking about the remedies that have worked for you and which ones have not worked in the past.

People usually do not have the time to prepare the right way for a drug test and sometimes they spontaneously order to take a drug test to make sure that the employees are not under the influence of drugs while working because this could eventually cause problems and issues down the line.

People do not think about things clearly if they do drugs that they should not be doing on the clock. Even home remedies cannot mask certain types of drugs in your system and take a long time before they cleanse out of your system.



How to Pass a Drug Test for Marijuana

Whether you are a heavy weed user or use it just occasionally or for medical purposes, you need to understand how drug detoxing and drug testing work so that you can successfully pass a drug test.


How long does marijuana stay in your system?

This is a common question among users and varies depending on several factors including what type of drug test you are having.

  • Urine Test – If you are a daily weed smoker, you can expect the drug to remain in your system between 30-45 days.
  • Blood Test – Marijuana will remain detectable in your blood for approximately 45-60 days
  • Hair Test – This test is the longest amount of time that weed can be detected. Because drug metabolites attach to your hair follicles and they grow slowly, THC can remain in your hair for 90-120 days if you use it every day.
  • Saliva Test – For these types of tests, weed will only be detectable form 1-7 days if you use it daily.


What else impacts how long THC stays in your system?

  • Levels of THC in your system
  • Body Mass Index (BMI)
  • Metabolism


Although THC can stay in your system for an approximate amount of time, everyone responds differently to it. Factors like BMI, amount of weed consumed, metabolism, age, and how potent the cannabis is can all effect how long weed stays in your body.


It may take four to six weeks from your last use for THC to leave your body naturally. THC is fat-soluble, meaning it gets stored in your organs and cells, which is unlike other substances.


For example, if you smoke weed infrequently and have less body fat than someone else, it will take a shorter amount of time to cleanse your system of the drug. In contrast, if you are a heavy user (daily) and have a greater body fat level, it will take longer for the THC to get out of your system. With any usage amount, you can use a drug detox method and specific dieting plan to help remove drugs from your body for a drug test.


Types of drug testing available

  • Hair test – Hair follicle drug tests are a newer type of test that have become the most popular form of testing for many substance.
  • Urine test – Urinalysis drug screens used to be the most common test performed and are still very commonly used.
  • Blood test – A blood drug test is used mostly for specialty or sanctioned testing and is a very expensive type of drug test.
  • Saliva test – Saliva tests are the least common and have a very short detection time. These are generally used for government and roadside tests.


Urine tests are cost effective and convenient, so that is why many employers use them. Hair testing has grown in popularity among government agencies and other employers because of the long detection time.

A hair test makes it possible for people’s drug habits to be monitored, which cannot be done with the other types of testing. Generally, larger companies or government agencies will give someone a blood test, while a saliva test will be done during an instance or testing on the roadside. When going for a drug test, make sure you ask what kind of test it will be so that you can be prepared.


How do drug tests for weed work?

Traces of THC get left in your fat cells and get into your bloodstream, which makes them detectable by the various drug tests.


Urine Test

These tests are the easiest to beat on the day of the test by using a detox drink or detox kit. Of the two kinds of urinalysis testing, immunoassay is the most common, because it is the cheapest and gives quick results. False positives can be happen with this test due to the fact that it is cheap and fast.


The second test to confirm a positive result on your first test is the gas chromatography/mass spectrometry test, which is more expensive and has a slower turnaround result time. This test is, however, much more reliable and rarely provides false positives.


Re-tests can be valid with urine test situations because urine samples can return with diluted results and be inconclusive. The re-test will usually happen the next day of business, which will give you more time to detox.


Hair Test

Nexxus aloe rid hair detox shampoo to pass a hair follicle drug testThe sample length of your hair for this test is 1.5 inches and it will be cut close to your scalp. Your hair grows an average of a half inch each month, thus drug testing will be able to detect marijuana in your hair for about 90 days.


Although hair testing is accurate, THC can take nearly a week to appear in your hair, so these tests are not always the best to use for weed. Certain medications will show up in hair tests also, so make sure you tell the test person if you are taking any meds.


Blood Test

Blood testing is actually the best way to detect recent use of cannabis. THC can be found in your blood in just seconds after you use it, so on occasion, a blood test will be done at the roadside if there is a need. Light users, one use, can be detected for one to seven days, while frequent users can have THC stay in their blood for up to two months.


Oral Swab Test

saliva detox mouthwash to pass a saliva drug testFor recent use detection, mouth swab tests are popular. They are easy to administer and reliable for recent use of drugs. This test will be used by law enforcement to determine if someone is under the influence while operating a vehicle.







What common detox methods work to pass drug tests?

  • Natural Cleanse – 30-60 days to detox
  • Detox Kits – 5-10 days to detox
  • Detox Drinks – flush system for a few hours the day of test
  • Synthetic Urine – urine replacement product that works, can be detectable
  • Home Remedies – at home remedies like Vinegar, Niacin, and Certo do not work
  • Other Urine – another person’s urine won’t be correct temperature for the test

Detox Drinks and Kits

ultra mask urine detox drink to pass a urine drug testDetox drinks are good for cleansing your body from drugs for a few hours. These must be used close to your test time though to make sure your urine is clean for the test. With detox kits, you can permanently remove drugs from urine for your test. You can use a full body detox kit that includes a drug detox shampoo, but you will need to stop using drugs during this detox. After you pass an at home test kit, your system will be permanently cleaned of THC.

Synthetic Urine

ultra pure synthetic urine - parr a urine drug testSynthetic urine can be used to replace your urine sample, however this can be risky. The urine must mimic real urine exactly (proteins, color, temperature, etc). If any of these factors are off, you can fail the test. Also, the sample may have to be given in plain view, thus you won’t be able to use the synthetic product without getting caught.


Home remedies/Natural Cleanse

Detoxing from drugs takes time. Your body will naturally detox THC stored in your system in about 30-60 days. Home remedies have not proven effective at helping speed up this process.

Quality products are the key to proper detoxification. Make sure you use products that have a record of success for drug users. You can pass your upcoming drug test as long as you understand it and know what quality products are available for you to use.