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Ultra Klean Ultra Pure Synthetic Urine Kit

The Ultra Ultra Pure Synthetic Urine Kit is designed to help you pass a urine drug test with ease.
This laboratory-made urine is designed to mimic clean, toxin-free urine and is suitable for both male and female during a urine drug test.

The premixed urine is formulated to contain all the components of normal, toxin-free urine, is pH balanced, has the optimum levels of creatinine, specific gravity, and other ingredients and characteristics to ensure you pass your urine drug test.

The kit comes with a temperature strip and heating pad to ensure body temperature is achieved. It is not intended for use with a lawfully administered urine drug tests and should be used in accordance with the law.

Available in 2 oz. and 4 oz.



Ultra Pure Synthetic urine kit directions:

1. Shake contents of the bottle before you pop the synthetic urine in the microwave, heat for 10 seconds.
2. Shake the provided heating pad and attach it to your bottle with a rubber band. Store wherever desired.
Your temperature strip located on the front should read between 90-100 degrees, the required temperature.
3. Done! Your Ultra Pure synthetic urine kit is now ready for use.
(If you have not microwave access keep the heating pad attached for 45-60 minutes to reach the optimal temperature of 90-100 degrees)


Ultra Pure comes premixed in a 2oz bottle
just the right formula that simulates a urine drug, includes is also a heat pack to keep at body temperature for up to 8 hours. just heat to body temperature and Ready!

Place the open bottle of Ultra Pure in the microwave for 10 seconds until the temperature strip on the bottle indicates the synthetic urine is between 94 and 100 degrees and then replace the cap. If the bottle is warm but you don’t see an indicator on the temperature strip, don’t worry! The sample may have been overheated.

Just wait for it to cool until you see the indicator show between 94 and 100. If you need to keep your sample warm for awhile, open the heat pack and shake to activate. Use the included rubber band to attach the heat pack to the bottle on the opposite side from the temperature strip.

Before you’re ready to deliver your sample, shake the bottle well and double check to make sure the temperature strip reads between 94-100. Empty the contents of the bottle wherever you need it! 

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