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The Stuff Chewable tablet can aid in passing a urine drug test. However, this product is for people less than 170lbs that DO NOT have oil based toxins (such as marijuana or Xanax) present in their system. If you’re uneasy about taking capsules, don’t like drinking all the detox teas, drinks and powders there is still a guaranteed way for you to pass your urine drug test. The Stuff Chewable tablets work in 40 minutes to eliminate drug metabolites from the system and remain effective for up to five hours after first taking them. This means you can pass your urine drug test in the most convenient way possible, by simply chewing on this tablet. The Stuff Chewable comes exclusively with a pre-cleansing kit, which includes an array of unique detoxifying and cleansing herbs. This product CAN be combined with other products such as the Ultra Klean Detox Drink in order to be more effective or for people who do not fit the criteria for using the Stuff Chewable to pass a urine drug test.


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