Supreme Klean Saliva Detox Mouthwash

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Pass a Saliva Drug Test

Pass mouth swab drug test! If you are headed for a oral swab test and need to pass a saliva drug test, make sure you pick up the Supreme Klean Saliva Detox Mouthwash This highly effective mouthwash gets rid or all toxins from the saliva prior to a saliva drug test, and coats the mouth, making you clean and clear for up to 40 minutes after use for you to pass oral drug test. It is so simple to use as well, simply swish in the mouth for two to three minute then spit – it works every time.

We are so sure that this mouthwash will help you pass your saliva drug test that we offer a 500% money back guarantee on the Cleansing Mouthwash – now that is real confidence. No matter what kind of toxins, the Cleansing Mouthwash will get rid of all traces from the saliva and ensure you pass a saliva drug test comes up in the clear.

More About Saliva Drug Testing

How to pass a saliva drug test – A saliva drug test is just as effective as a blood drug test in discovering just how much toxins you have in your system. However, if they put you through a mouth swab drug test, here’s some good news – the substances that can be detected during a saliva drug test are there for a shorter time than other methods of drug testing compared to an oral swab drug test.

If you are not a frequent user and have low toxin levels prior to trying to pass mouth swab drug test, the saliva drug test will show traces of the toxin (depending on the toxin present in your system) for no more than 2 weeks, whereas a frequent user will test positive on a cotton swab drug test for a period that can last over a month. To make sure that no traces are found on your saliva drug test, you need to drink lots of water and sweat (like in a sauna or during exercise) to remove all toxins from your system before a cheek swab drug test.