How to Beat a Drug Test

How to beat a drug test

How to beat a drug test – To learn how to beat a drug test you need to be clear about certain basic facts. Well obviously if you don’t do drugs you will pass with flying colors. But if you have indulged in them you need to be wary of a few things if you hope to learn how to beat a drug test. Firstly never attempt to mask your urine sample. This is an old method of using over the counter chemicals to mask the sample, but modern testing methods can easily detect these, and you will not pass the test.

You may accomplish what is known as internal dilution by drinking plenty of water before a test. This may prove effective for some but is known to be sometimes dangerous for it can lead to water intoxication. A better idea may be for you to try using Ultra Klean Detox Drink – 1 Hour Liquid. This will effectively remove all toxins for a period ranging between one to five hours after its consumption.

Another way to help matters is by using detox products or diuretics. This increases the flow of urine. One should be careful not to use diet pills because in that case, you may end up testing positive for some kind of amphetamine. A combination of drinking lots of fluids and taking diuretics may make the urine almost clear, thus raising suspicion. A good idea may be to take multivitamin pills a couple of hours before the test. This will restore the touch of yellow to the urine sample.

Pass a Hair Drug Test

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Pass a Urine Drug Test

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There are various types of drug tests that are carried out and you should be aware of them. There’s the hair test which enables detection of THC up to 100 days. In the case of the urine drug user, THC is detectable up to 5 to 10 days for a recreational user and up to 30 days for a heavy user. Now as we have discussed above, it is increasingly difficult to beat drug test these days. But you can succeed if you take the right steps and use products like the ones described above.

How to beat a drug test – There are however a few things you should not do if you want to know how to beat a drug test. One must try to stay off alcoholic beverages and over the counter medications so as to not negatively influence the outcome of the test. Home remedies more often than not fail. On the day of the test do not hand over the first urination of the day as a sample. Also when collecting the sample do it in the middle of the urination process and not the beginning.

All in all, while passing a drug test is not exactly a cake- walk these days, it is possible to do so if one takes the right steps at the right time.