Ultra Cleanse Softgels

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Ultra Cleanse Softgels are designed to help rid the body of toxins and chemicals that we are exposed to on a daily basis. However, this product is for people less than 170lbs that DO NOT have oil based toxins (such as marijuana or xanax) present in their system. However, this product CAN be combined with other products such as the Ultra Klean Detox Drink in order to be more effective or for people who do not fit the criteria for using the Ultra Cleanse Softgel to pass a urine drug test.

Air, water and the food we eat all contains pollutants which when absorbed in the body, can cause untold damage. Help your system stay clean and healthy and help eliminate toxic build up with the use of Ultra Cleanse Softgels. These soft capsules go down easy and will also help to cleanse the body of drug metabolites so you can pass a drug urine test!


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