How to pass a urinalysis drug test

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Recently, how to pass a urinalysis drug test has been an important question asked by employer. There are different types of these tests, but the most commonly used is a 5 drug test which tests for THC, PCP, Amphetamines, Opiates and Cocaine. Alcohol can usually be detected in urine till 1-2 days, cocaine and methadone till 3 to 5 days and euphoric 3 to 7 days. No matter what form of cocaine is used; it is easily detected by urinalysis.  There are two types of Urine drug tests: a screening test and a confirmatory test. The best answer for how to pass a urinalysis drug test is simply not to do drugs. But urinalysis drug test will make you fail even if you did drugs for recreational use. Moreover there are cases where you get so much indulged into drug use that it gets impossible to get rid of them, and then you have to take the risk of tampering or trying with home remedies as an answer to how to pass a urinalysis drug test. Obviously the risk of losing your job is high but you can always find the most reliable answers to your question.

One is the way to pass a urinalysis drug test is to try with home remedies. Diluting your urine can be tried. This can be done by adding a sample to your urine. If you make a decision to go this way, make sure the temperature and color of urine is natural. However, dilution may result into low creatinine level of urine. Drinking excessive amount of water may also result into an unacceptable drug test result.

how to flush alcohol out of your system for urine test

Even after trying hundred of home remedies such as drinking vinegar or cranberry juice and still failing the drug test; the question still bugs you-How to pass a urinalysis drug test ?
The best way is to substitute your urine sample with someone who has never taken drugs. However, this gets a bit difficult when you are under observation. Try few synthetic urine samples, which means, giving a fake pee in urinalysis drug test, which has exact pH and composition as natural urine. It comes into both powdered and liquid form. The liquid urine has a couple of negative aspects as it doesn’t have a head or small layer of bubbles on the surface and it has no smell. Powdered synthetic urine does. These synthetic urine samples are for both male and female.

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