Why smoking should cost you your job, nicotine drug test that works

Why smoking should cost you your job, nicotine drug test that works

nicotine drug test nicotine drug test

The economy is tough, people are losing jobs left and right and finding a new one is incredibly difficult. Employers are cracking the whip with hiring and even placing restrictions on something’s you can and cannot do at work. I am sure we all understand that we cannot use drugs at work, that is a given. But many employers are now not hiring people that smoke. So now if you smoke, you might miss out on a great job. Is a nicotine drug test legal? Are there ways around a nicotine drug test? The short answer to both of those is yes.

A company can issue a nicotine drug test or any test they want, that is just a given fact. Yes it is a invasion of privacy a bit, but it is part of the idea of supply and demand. They supply the job, your demand to pay your bills. As long as people are looking for work, companies are able to do whatever they want to weed people out. Many times this is done through drug tests, and a nicotine drug test is similar. The only real difference is from an insurance standpoint. People that smoke have a higher change of having cancer. Because of this, and the long term costs of cancer treatments, employers have been in many cases firing people that smoke. A smoke free work place is understandable, but quitting smoking all together for some folks is a tough job. Companies know this and will issue a nicotine drug test.

So how can you pass a nicotine drug test? Easy, find something that either masks the nicotine in your system or completely cleans it out. Supreme Klean makes a great 7 day body cleanser. It’s not harmful and it cleans out your system in, well you guessed it, 7 days. There are two things with this, if you’re looking to quit, Supreme Klean can help you do that which in the long run would be great for your health and save you a lot of money, or if you don’t want to quit, and your just looking to get pass a nicotine drug test this product can get the job done. Just to play it safe, you can pick up your own home testing kits to see how well this stuff works, just remember to take a test before and one after to check the results.

You can check www.passdrugtest.net that offers many different drug tests and testing equipment. Including products for a nicotine drug test as well. You know longer will have to worry about a company that wants to invade your privacy (even if in this case they can) and you have the added benefit of even quitting some of that addictive behavior, and ending any long term threats to your health. If you know someone that is in the same boat as you www.passdrugtest.net can help them out was well. Remember there is nothing to be ashamed about when it comes to smoking. A nicotine drug test is has just become more common place, why have your lift turned upside down because you have to take one? Find an easier and better solution.