Urine Drug Testing Kits

Urine Drug Testing Kits

Urine drug testing kits are one way to determine the presence of illegal substances in the body. Easy access to these kits via the internet has made them surge in popularity. Plus, the anonymity the web offers means you do not have to worry about going to your local store and bumping into someone you know and that may make unwanted assumptions about you, and worse yet share them with anyone willing to listen.

Urine drug testing kits used at home are usually simple, but effective immunoassay tests that work by measuring the pH (alkalinity) and metabolites left behind by illicit drug use in the urine. They come with different drug test combinations, although the standard one is the 5-panel which will test for THC (marijuana), cocaine, PCP, opiates, and amphetamines. If you have recently stopped using drugs and are worried about what your results will show, be they court mandated, job related, or random drug testing at the organization you belong to, urine drug testing kits are a good indicator of the levels of drugs still present in your system.

At passdrugtest.net you can find two affordably priced urine drug testing kits. They have a 1-panel drug test designed to detect one specific drug group at a time. The iScreen test is available for detection of drugs such as marijuana, oxycodone, barbiturates, and even nicotine. It is very accurate and each panel can be purchased for only $7.95. On the passdrugtest.net website they also offer not a 5 but a 6-panel drug test. You can get results within minutes and it is just as reliable and accurate as any 5-panel urine drug testing kits.

The demand for these products grows parallel with the demand of organizations that screen for drug use. As a growing number of employers implement and enforce a drug-free environment, those employees that have a habit of using drugs turn to resources such as urine drug testing kits to gauge whether or not a lab administered test would show a positive result were they to take one.

People trying to help recovering addicts also use urine drug testing kits as a proactive measure to monitor any recent drug use. Helping these individuals get through an addiction is stressful enough. A person can edge out some of the worry with these testing kits. The benefits afforded by urine drug testing kits are undeniable. Peace of mind and assurance when going to take a test at a laboratory helps an individual who has recently stopped using drugs. Approaching such a situation without the confidence that you will pass can be nerve –racking. Urine drug testing kits are an effective way to review results before you are sent to the lab.