Urine drug test marijuana

Urine drug test marijuana

How to pass urine drug test marijuana.

A urine drug test marijuana pass is really difficult to achieve and that’s because test sites are getting more and more complicated and they are actually testing for not only the drugs but also testing for things people use to cover up the drugs in their bodies.  When you are seeking a guaranteed drug test pass the best way that you can take care of that is by not having drugs in your system.   When you haven’t been using drugs there is no reason to actually have to cover anything up and that’s the 100% guarantee that you won’t get caught.  If you’ve used drugs the best thing you can do is figure out how long the drugs you’ve taken stay in your system.  Here is a very short condensed list of drugs and how long they stay in the human body.

Amphetamines – 1-2 days

Anabolic Steroids oral – 3 weeks – injection – 3-6 months

Barbiturates – 2-3 days

Cocaine – 1-2 days

Heroin – 1-2 days

LSD – Up to 5 days

Marijuana – 2-5 days – Heavy use can be detected up to 30 days.

PCP – 1-8 days

Once you understand how many days something stays in the body then you can actually combat the drug test you will be taking by naturally getting the drugs out of your system.  Bodies cleanse by drinking water instead of soda or coffee helps, Eating fresh fruits and vegetables will also help the body to process and get rid of the toxins in the body just before the drug test.  If you cannot  bring yourself to stop using drugs even for the drug test then you are going to have to take the chance of actually getting caught using or you can try one of the more “chemical” ways to cleanse the body.

One of the best guaranteed drug test pass supplements on the market today is called “Clear Test” And the company who makes the product claims that they have 99.99% test rates and because it comes in so many different styles you are sure to pass any drug test that you are put in front of.  They offer products that actually help to clear the urine of toxins and you just add it right to the sample before you turn it in.  This means that if you’re randomly drug tested you need to carry it with you all the time, and once it’s been added to the urine test it’s virtually undetectable.   Now guaranteed drug test pass with the Clear Test also comes in a gum which is meant for the mouth swab test that some companies use instead of the urine test.  You put the gum in your mouth before the test and chew it up very good and then when they do the swab the chemicals that are in the gum actually mask the toxins from the drugs you’ve taken in the saliva so that your test comes out negative.

The company called www.passdrugtest.net also sells drug tests which you can do on yourself at home before the actual test so that you can see the chemical supplements and add in chemicals actually do work the way they are supposed to.  The only thing they don’t cover is hair testing and no one can really get rid of the chemical residue that remains on the hair follicles.