Passing alcohol urinalysis

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 Passing alcohol urinalysis is easier than you think.

First thing you need to know about alcohol testing is that it’s usually not something people will test for unless you get pulled over by the police and are getting a blood or breath test done on the spot.  If your work decides to do a drug test for it it’s actually very easy to pass the test but you have to be willing to stop drinking long enough to take the test itself.

Passing alcohol urinalysis means that you can’t have any kind of alcohol in your system at all and that isn’t just beer or wine either that means any kind of medication with alcohol or mouthwash or anything else like that you could take that would read a positive on the test you are going to have.  Now once you’ve stopped drinking you need really focus on getting the stuff that’s in your system all the way out of your system which means doing a full body cleanse with some really amazing products that help to not only clean out your system but also can help you clean up the outside as well.

Shampoos which actually render a hair test negative for all drugs that you might have in your system goes a very long way and there are all sorts of these floating around on the internet and also in local smoke shops or head shops.

The all natural way to cleanse your body of alcohol is to drink lots of water, that helps to flush out any impurities that you might have inside your body, You don’t want to go overboard though because drinking too much water can actually make you very sick and you could even die from it so replace your other daily drinks with water and that should be plenty of water.

Now once you’ve done that try taking a water pill, what water pills do is help you urinate out the extra and excess fluid that you have in your body and while you’re doing that it actually cleans out your system.  The problem with these two things is that it can dilute the urine down so much that a test site could actually fail your test due to it being diluted.

how to pass a urine drug test for alcohol

So a great trick to get the color and scent back into your urine is to take something like a multi-vitamin but make sure that it’s really high in the B vitamin’s like B12 and B6 because those two actually give the bright yellow color and the faint ammonia odor of urine back to even the most diluted of urine.


how to flush alcohol from urine

You can also put yourself on a diet of all natural foods as well.  Try to stay away from anything really heavy or salty.  Salt makes you retain water which could actually make you retain the toxins in your body that you are trying really hard to get rid of.  Instead stick to organic fresh fruits and vegetables and things like brown rice and fresh fish or boneless skinless chicken breasts for a few days.

Anything that will clear out your system and by no means drink anything with alcohol in it  and you should be able to Passing alcohol urinalysis with no problems at all.  You should also be able to maintain a healthy lifestyle as well if you keep down this path. how to pass an alcohol ua


How to Pass a Urine Alcohol Test


Are you currently using alcohol and have to take an EtG urine alcohol test soon? Urinalysis tests may be required for your employment and for various legal situations, so it is best to be prepared so you can successfully pass your tests.


You do not need to worry if you are facing an upcoming urine drug test because there are several products that you can use to pass. Although urine screens are common, they are even easier to beat if you know what to do.


Detox Drinks

Pass Drug Test

Urine detox drinks are super easy to use to help you know how to beat alcohol urine test times. These you often drink within hours or minutes of your test and they work to help flush your system of alcohol. With detox drinks, you do also need to drink water to help get rid of any traces of alcohol in your system in order to pass.




Ultra Pure Synthetic Urine


This synthetic urine is made to mimic real human urine and is a smart choice for a replacement product. You can keep this in your pocket for your urine test and then use this as your urine sample when you go to take your test. It can be stored at room temperature for up to three years, so you can have this on hand for any upcoming urinalysis drug tests.


It is very easy to know how to pass a urine test for alcohol. Be aware of fake products that will not work to get you to pass your tests. Make sure that you use high quality products that are formulated to fully remove drugs from your urine. By using the right products, you will have no trouble at learning how to beat alcohol urine test situations.

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