How to Pass a Urine Test for Alcohol

How to Pass a Urine Test for Alcohol

Urine Test for Alcohol Urine Test for Alcohol

Gone are the days when an impending alcohol urine test meant that you were out of luck. With modern advancements in the field of detoxification, scientists have discovered, and are now sharing, how to pass a urine test for alcohol.


Doctors use a process called the immunoassay urine test to determine whether there is a presence of alcohol in the patient’s urine. In the past, if a person had alcohol in their body, they would have alcohol in their urine. Now, however, despite having alcohol in their system, patients are able to ‘trick’ their bodies into producing toxin-free urine for a certain amount of time. If used correctly, these products will result in the user passing their alcohol urine test, and avoiding any consequences a positive test may have brought.

Now, it is important to remember when determining how to pass a urine test for alcohol, that each drink stays in the human body for approximately 1 hour and 20 minutes. This varies with body weight, size, gender, diet and a variety of other factors – but this is the standard. Needing to know how to pass a urine test for alcohol is only relevant if you actually have alcohol in your system at the time of the test., a leading drug testing website, offers an “On-Site Alcohol Urine & Saliva Test” for only $15.00, which will allow the user to determine if they have alcohol in their urine.

Once a person has determined that they do in fact have alcohol in their system, they must ‘trick’ their body into producing alcohol-free-pee. Determining the correct product to use is the first step in learning how to pass a urine test for alcohol. At, some of the products require that drugs have not been consumed within 48-72 hours prior to taking the supplement. Since alcohol only stays in your system for a very short period of time, chances are that you will have consumed alcohol within that time frame. At this point, there are two very reasonable options available to you: ‘1-Hour Flush Capsules’ that will force your body to produce toxin-free urine, and ‘Synthetic Urine’, which you can substitute for your own urine to guarantee an alcohol-free test.

The ‘1-Hour Flush Capsules’ flush your urine of traces of alcohol from 1 hour after taking the pills, up to 5 hours after consumption. This 18-capsule bottle costs $35.00 and comes highly recommended by the professionals at It is very important to remember that the pills, along with the increase in liquid consumption, will cause you to urinate more frequently. This is to be expected.

If, for whatever reason, the 1-hour detoxification is not an option for you – synthetic urine is a very reasonable alternative. Specifically designed to be used as either male or female urine, this synthetic urine is carefully created to contain all of the ingredients commonly found in human urine. The Ultra-Pure Synthetic Urine Kits come in two sizes – 2oz and 4oz, and they cost $35.00 and $45.00 respectively. The synthetic urine is balanced for pH, and is attached to a heating pad to ensure that it stays within the normal body temperatures.

Regardless of what method you choose, if you have an imminent alcohol urine test, there is no reason to panic. While it is important to know how to pass a urine test for alcohol, do so with caution. The detoxification capsules are not designed to be consumed on a daily basis, and there will always be health risks involved with taking any supplement. If you proceed with care and do your research, a urine alcohol test does not need to set you back.