How to pass a pot drug test

How to pass a pot drug test

pot drug test pot drug test

You smoke pot, you have a job interview and they do a pre-employment drug test what do you do? There are many home remedies out there that we all have heard but how do we know what really works? The obvious is to quit smoking pot a minimum of 30 days prior to the test. But what if you don’t have 30 days? How do you pass a pot drug test? Some of the remedies below are not guaranteed and may work if you are a light pot user (1-2 times per week) but are not as effective on the Chronic pot user (5-7 times per week).


Drinking lots of water, may work but because it dilutes your urine you could considered a false positive result. If drinking water try taking Vitamin B-12 this will keep your urine color more natural. Exercise will burn fat, (THC is stored in your fat cells) stop exercising at least 1 week prior to the test because burning fat releases THC into your blood stream and will result in a positive result. Drinking lots of cranberry juices, iced tea, coffee, etc cleans out your urinary tract but does not affect the fat cells where the THC is stored.


The more effective ways to pass a pot drug test are detox or cleansing kits that can be found at a number of websites on line. But which kits do you choose, how do you know they work? I would suggest you pick a product that has a guarantee, why would they guarantee a product that doesn’t work.


Products available range from 1 hour remedies to 30 day remedies. Products such as Ultra Klean 1 Hour Liquid Formula detox drink is a 1 hour remedy product, for optimal results refrain from taking any medications 24 hours prior to drinking the detox drink. For chronic users it is recommended you take Detoxifying Quick Flush Caps or Supreme Klean Daily Pre-Tox Daily Capsules prior to using Ultra Klean 1 Hour Liquid Formula for the best result. You can find this product on along with the products listed below.


Other detox formulas available are available based on your use of pot. There is a 5 day cleanse for those that are very light pot users (1-2 times per week) up to a 30 day cleanse for those who are chronic users (5-7 times per week).With any of these products it is very important to follow the directions to the letter in order to get the best results. Regardless if you are a light or chronic pot user the best and tried and true way to pass a pot drug test is to refrain from use at least 30 days prior to the test. One last tip, never give the first pee of the day it is the dirtiest, pee at least twice before you test to make sure your sample is the best sample.

Good luck on your drug test!