Hair follicle drug test marijuana

Hair follicle drug test marijuana

Hair follicle drug test marijuana Hair follicle drug test marijuana

How to pass hair follicle drug test marijuana.

In a world where our privacy is being invaded through jobs, education and even other areas like high school sports we are being forced to pee in a cup and allow drug testing to determine if we are good enough for these things. If because someone smoked pot at a party the rest of their lives are going to be determined because of this which is perhaps unfair but like our parents told us life isn’t fair. So instead of complaining about what it is we have to do what we need to do is learn how to get around such things. Learning how to trick a drug test is perhaps one of the easier things you will ever learn how to do because drug tests aren’t very complicated it really is just a small stick of paper that has been treated with a chemical to detect different types of chemicals in the urine.

Most companies only test for a few things, Pot, Nicotine like that found in cigarettes, cocaine and amphetamines. Now the first thing you have to look at is how long these different types of chemicals stay in the body for each one it’s just a couple of days tops unless you are a very heavy user and then these chemicals could take a whole entire month to clear the system and urine. If you are a heavy every day user of any of these chemicals sometimes getting clean for 30 days is not an option for you. Instead you have to rely on either adding something to the urine sample after it’s taken, or use someone else’s urine who doesn’t use drugs or finally take a supplement which actually detoxifies the urine from the inside so that you can’t get caught putting something into the urine sample after the fact.

There are many companies that are dedicated to teaching you how to trick a drug test and they have forums all over the internet just brimming with information on how to get away with this stuff the best being . The first thing you have to know is that the tests aren’t overly complicated and if you do some very simple things you will pass your drug test with flying colors and you won’t have to worry about anything anymore. In this article there will be three examples of how to trick a drug test and you can do with the information as you wish. Each of these tricks will work only for the drug test itself and not if they send out the sample to find out if something has been added to the sample so remember these tricks work really only for the test itself.

First trick is to put a few drops of bleach into the urine and that will help eliminate any kind of chemicals and disrupt the pH balance in the urine and render the test negative.
The second trick is adding some water to the sample which will actually once more render the test a negative because it dilutes the urine sample and makes it watered down which means it could actually make the test turn out negative for drugs.
The last trick is to take 4 aspirin 1 hour before you go in for the test and that should offer enough acidity to the urine that it comes back as a negative for drugs.