Better ways to pass my drug test

Better ways to pass my drug test

ways to pass my drug test ways to pass my drug test ways to pass my drug test

So mistakes happen, we call off track and something comes up. For me I was over at a friend’s place, he had one of those fancy permits to be able to smoke medical grade marijuana. A closed room, too much smoke and before I knew it I had my own little buzz going on. Not a big deal, but I also know that in the next few days I am going to have my yearly drug screen. Well to pass my drug test now is going to be tough, and there is not going to be anyone in the office that is going to believe me when I say I did not do anything.

I have a few choices here that can help me out. I know I need to clean out my system. But there are so many fly by night things out there finding a place to start seems a bit overwhelming. I know I need to pass my drug test , and I know I need to get it done soon. Some quick research brought up a few projects. There is something called The Stuff Chewable, which is a rather simple approach to what I need. This is done in gum form. So you can chew you drug screen issues away. Have to love the idea of chewing some gum and in a few hours it starts to detoxify your body. This is good, but I felt that I needed a bigger and better bang for my dollar and after some more looking around found 7 Day Body Cleaner, which just like the name implies, it is designed to not mask something, but really get rid of it. I found both products on

7 Day body Cleaners works great, there is a daily permanent cleanser which comes in capsules. So with a healthy diet, water and one of these capsules, after a few days the Marijuana made its way out of my system without any issues. Cost was great and I was able to pass my drug test. To say I am impressed would be an understatement. I knew these kits, and creams where out there, I knew that there are drinks and mixes that are supposed to work as well but I never needed to use them before. I would have hated to lose my job over something that was innocent and was able to supply me what I needed so that did not happen.

I’ve now passed that information on, Urine, Saliva, Blood, Hair all can be taken care of and with an array of products to use, I know in the future if anything comes up again I would be able to pass my drug test as well. Cocaine, E, even Nicotine can be cleaned from your system. How great is that, no more hassles and worries. Shipping is really fast and for a reasonable charge you can get it to you the next day. So if you are someone that does have an addictive habit like this you can help yourself by detoxing, if you believe someone you know has a problem as well, these detox kits can make a huge difference for them. From saving their jobs to maybe even saving their life these kits can be a real life saver.