Saliva Drug Testing Kits

Saliva Drug Testing Kits Saliva Drug Testing Kits

With the fast growing trend that is drug testing, methods for collecting and testing are often varied. The market recognized this trend and now offers ample ways to make drug screening as simple and time and cost effective as possible for consumers. The convenience and the variety offered by these products make it easy to also test at home. Saliva drug testing kits are a fast, simple way to test for drugs in the system.

Though urine tests remain standard when it comes to drug screening, a less intrusive and likely tamper proof method is a saliva drug test. This type of test does not require that the individual being tested have the privacy that a urine test would require, therefore it is nearly impossible that the results would be tainted. There are several saliva drug testing kits to choose from. They can be conveniently taken anywhere and you can have the results within minutes of taking or administering it. The website offers three very affordable saliva drug testing kits. The most basic one is the On-Site Alcohol Urine and Saliva Test and it retails for $15 dollars. The OrAlert Saliva Drug Test is a more extensive drug screening product that can detect “six drugs and six drug categories” with results available in about ten minutes. The cost for this test is $13.95 per kit. You can also purchase the Alcohol Test Strips to check for alcohol consumption in an individual, or they can also be used to check if drinks have been adulterated. This should bring some peace of mind when granting your teens permission to attend parties. The saliva drug testing kit is available for only $19.95 per kit. Again, all these products are available on the website.

While some will argue that this method of testing for drugs is ineffective or of no use since they are only able to detect recent drug and alcohol use, a manager for a firm whose employee has caused an accident or displays erratic behavior will want to do away with any liability claims. To confirm that the employee at fault is under the influence said manager will find this product very helpful. They can easily pull out and order the employee take the drug test. A saliva drug testing kit can read for alcohol use up to 12 hours after alcohol has been consumed. Other drug categories it can test for include amphetamines, opiates, and PCP. The drug test is able to read for these substances up to 3 days after they have been used. Cocaine and marijuana use are only detectable one day after being taken. As you now know, a saliva drug testing kit is a convenient option for detecting recent drug use.